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"I miss you"

There’s a difference between when you just miss someone, and when you actually miss someone. I’m talking about the type of miss where you feel incomplete without them. It’s as if something is missing in your life. They took a part of you with them when they left. There are the types of people you miss, but you say “Oh I will just see them next week or talk to them eventually.” You miss them but not to any extreme. It doesn’t affect you much. But then there is the person that you miss. The one you constantly think about. What are they up to. How have they been. When is the next time you will see each other or talk. Where life seems lackluster without their presence. That’s when you know you have found someone special. Don’t let them go.

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If I didn’t think we had something special, if I didn’t think you were worth it, if I didn’t think we had so much potential, then I wouldn’t be holding on so tightly.

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Encountering a Problem

When you encounter a problem or issue in a friendship or relationship, you have to think to yourself: is it because of the person themself, or is it because of some external factor that can be worked on or get better with time?

Then you can decide if it’s worth it or not, and go from there.

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Your favorite chocolate bar

Imagine if one day you go to the store and you see this new chocolate bar on the shelf. So you decide to get it to try it out, and after taking just one bite, you think it’s the most amazing chocolate bar you’ve ever had. So you continue to eat it. But eventually over time, the amazingness of the chocolate seems to fade away. When you bite into it, you don’t get that overwhelming feeling you used to when you first started to eat it. Now that you’ve been eating it for so long and on a continuous basis, you’ve gotten used to its flavor and it has lost some of its appeal. Eventually you get to the point where you don’t enjoy the chocolate anymore and it just makes you sick, so you decide to go without it for a while. At first you don’t seem to mind. You think to yourself, “I am much better off without this chocolate, because all it does is make me feel sick!” But as time goes on, you begin to miss the chocolate. You realize that even though the chocolate made you sick, it was only because you didn’t ration it properly, a problem that can easily be fixed. So after a while of not eating the chocolate, you decide to give the chocolate a second chance because you remember how amazing it used to be. And as expected, your first bite of this chocolate after not eating it for a month is just as good as the first time you ever tried it. You remember why you loved this chocolate so much in the first place and why it’s so much better than all the other chocolate bars out there. The only difference is this time around, you fix the problem with the chocolate as to not make you sick. Now you are able to eat the chocolate without it ever making you sick again. And you can live the rest of your life happily knowing you will always be able to eat this chocolate and that it will always taste amazing. The End.

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That’s Life

Sometimes I wish I never had a past relationship. People say it makes you a better person, and yes I may be stronger and more vocal these days, but all it really made me was depressed and more of a bitter person. I didn’t learn anything from it, aside the fact that you can’t trust anyone, even those closest to you. Nothing good came from it. I’m not as optimistic about life as I once was. I have trust issues. I get emotional very easily now. And worst of all it has made me very insecure and paranoid about my current relationship.

It still hurts to this day. I think I’d be a lot happier and a lot better off if that relationship never happened.

But that’s life for you.

Everything happens for a reason and I can’t change what’s already happened. All I can do is accept it and be hopeful about the future.

I just wish I was better at letting go of the past.

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This feeling

It’s hard to describe this feeling I have. I haven’t felt this way in a long time. I feel… at ease. Like everything is right in the world again. I feel at peace. I have no worries, no stress, no anything. I’m just living my life day to day in sheer contentment. I am very happy with my life in it’s current state. And I am hopeful about the future. It’s like everything is finally coming together. My life is finally shaping itself into a life I’ve always wanted. And I finally feel at bliss.

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That’s when I know

I think I know when I start getting really attached to someone when some of the smallest things start becoming a big deal to me. Whether it be simple things you do that make me smile, or something small that just sets me off. When things you do start to dictate how I feel, whether it make me happy or make me sad. When your actions and words start affecting my mood, that’s when I know you’re really something special to me.

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You have no idea how happy you make me. I love the way you make me feel. I love getting those good morning texts from you when I wake up. I love talking to you everyday from when I wake up to when I go to bed. I love being able to call you up whenever I please and I love how we always stay up late on webcam just talking for hours and hours about the silliest of things. I wish it would never end. I love how just talking to you automatically brightens my day. You make me forget all of the bad going on around me and it’s easy to focus on the positives with you around. I feel like my life is finally turning around and coming together thanks to you. You make me so so happy. I can never stop smiling when I’m talking to you. You are truly one of a kind and I am grateful that you turned up in my life (:

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I don’t know what to do anymore. Every time I think I’m alright again, something comes up. Every time things seem to be going good, something appears to ruin it. I feel so lost. I don’t know which direction to go in, I don’t know which path to take. I don’t know what I want anymore. Why can’t life be simpler?

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