Live. Laugh. Love.
Laugh as much as you breathe, and love as long as you live.
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Be Loved

Be with someone who knows your value and your worth. Someone who will do whatever it takes to make things work to be with you and who never wants to lose you. Who always wants you to be their’s, and only their’s. Someone who can see just how amazing you are and knows how lucky they are to have you. Be with someone who will hold to you tightly no matter what happens. Someone who knows how good they have it before it’s gone.

Never settle. Be with the one who looks at you like you’re magic, and would do anything just to be with you. The one who cares about you and wants to live their life helping you to achieve all that you want. Because that’s what love is: when someone else’s happiness means more to you than your own. It’s so rare these days to find someone who loves you for all that you are, inside and out. All your quirks, habits, traits, personality. Who looks at you and sees this amazing human being despite any flaws you may have. When you do find this person, never let them go. For you’ll never find a love more pure and true from anyone else. And everyone deserves to be loved by someone who thinks you are the most beautiful creation in existence.

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Don’t be with someone you can live with, be with the person you can’t live without.

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I wanna be remembered as the girl who always smiled.
the one who could always brighten your day.
even if she couldnt brighten her own

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If you don’t fight for what you want, don’t cry for what you lose.

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Infatuation is when you find somebody who is absolutely perfect. Love is when you realize that they aren’t and it doesn’t matter.

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Look for the people in your life who actually make an effort to be in it. Look for the people who check up on you occasionally to ask how you are doing and how life is. Look for the people who make time for you, no matter how busy they are. Look for the people who want to hang out with you and see you. Look for the people who actually care about you and your well being. And care for those people back the same amount they care for you, and hold onto those people. Because those are the people who are worth keeping in your life.

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