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my mind says november but my heart says christmas

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it’s christmas next month


  • it’s christmas next month




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Valentine’s Week

I didn’t know of this until now, but apparently there is a week long celebration during the week of Valentine’s Day! And every day is a new celebration/event.

February 7 - Rose Day
February 8 - Propose Day
February 9 - Chocolate Day
February 10 - Teddy Bear Day
February 11 - Promise Day
February 12 - Kiss Day
February 13 - Hug Day
February 14 - Happy Valentine’s Day

I actually think this is a really neat idea! Turning it into a week long celebration rather than just one day. It allows for the guy (and/or girl) to buy their special someone gifts throughout the week instead of having to give them everything all at once on the day of. It’s like each day of the week brings a new surprise, until you finally reach the actual Valentine’s Day when it all comes together.

I hope one day I can find a guy who will celebrate Valentine’s Week with me! (:

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