Live. Laugh. Love.
Laugh as much as you breathe, and love as long as you live.
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Day 4: Ten Things That Make You Angry

1.) When people chew their gum like cows :|

2.) When people fail to follow through on their promises.

3.) When people cancel on you last minute.

4.) When someone doesn’t listen to your opinion and thinks theirs is right.

5.) One word texts.

6.) Arrogant people.

7.) Attention Whores.

8.) People who re-tell a story and highly exaggerate it.

9.) People who can’t use proper grammar.

10.) People who harm baby seals and other innocent animals D<

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Day 3: Ten Things That Make You Happy

1.) Anything and everything food related. I love food. Period.

2.) When people remember little details about me.

3.) Hearing my favorite song on the radio.

4.) Being told “I miss you” and “I love you”

5.) Being in the company of my friends and/or family.

6.) Receiving a compliment.

7.) Rain: The touch, feel, sound, smell, taste. All of it.

8.) Meaningful gifts.

9.) Being outdoors.

10.) Hugs.

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Day 2: Five negative traits you have

1.) I get jealous easily

2.) I overreact in situations before knowing the full story

3.) I don’t stand up for myself

4.) I am bad at keeping in touch with friends

5.) I hold onto the past

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Day 1: Five positive traits you have

1. I am very optimistic -cue rainbow and sunshine-

2. I love to smile (:

3. I don’t take life very seriously and love to have fun

4. I love to chat and can always keep a conversation going

5. I am always there for my friends to listen to their problems and help them out c:

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