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Saturday, January 28 - Thursday, February 23


I swear I will start updating again. My life is just all over the place at the moment. Hopefully I will get back into the groove of things again real soon (: And hopefully I will start posting pictures to go along with these entries… -coughstopbeingsolazytaylorcough-

I feel as though so much has happened since my last update. I got a secret admirer for Valentine’s Day, got some interesting things going on with guys, I am changing my career, and my life is just so crazy as of lately!

Goodness me! :( I need a vacation hahaha!

Hopefully more in depth updates to come. We shall see (:

But for now, life is grand! And let’s hope it continues to get better!

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Friday, January 27

Today started off terrible, because I got a bad grade on my first Organic Chemistry quiz and I don’t agree with it because I think the teacher didn’t grade it fairly. SO yah. I was pretty upset this morning.

Howeverrr, later that night I joined my friend Kaitlin and went to her church’s game night that I go to at the end of every month, and it made everything so much better! n_n I love everyone there, we always have so much fun. Tonight we had to make up a skit, and it was just so much fun! We danced and laughed and had a good time. We even played some dodgeball afterward! :D I really love going to those game nights. They are just… really refreshing after a long month ^^

Luke actually brought a friend with him this time, and to my surprise, his friend was really awesome! Like, I could see myself being his friend… even though he’s probably 14 or something… makes me feel old :| But on topic, his friend was really funny and genuine, and has great taste in music! He has a really good variety, and he’s really nice (: It’s funny how well I get along with Luke and Jacob. I wouldn’t even mind just hanging out with them even when Kaitlin isn’t around, because it’s just so natural being around them and they always make me laugh and have a good time. I am always hanging out with Kaitlin and her family. I feel like I am their adopted daughter/sister c: It’s nice ^^

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Thursday, January 26

I started my first day of kickboxing class at the UCCS Recreation Center today! And oh boy, was it a workout. It’s not the typical style of kickboxing, it’s actually titled cardio kickboxing. It reminds me of step-class and jazzercise, but with some kicks and punches thrown in! It’s actually very fun :D They play upbeat music the whole time and you’re stepping and kicking and punching in rhythm, as well as doing some squats and other random tidbits. Some kicks, such as side-kicks, take a lot of balance and core strength. Usually I am good at balance because I can do yoga, but apparently not at side balancing :( So I fail at the side kicks. I was so worn out by the end of it, I didn’t expect it to be such a work out. But I am glad it was! I really need to work on my cardio (:

I also met with the running club earlier in that day, which umm… I’m not sure if I’ll stay in it because I epicly fail at running ~_~ I used to be so good at it, but then I got asthma and now I live in CO where all I do is run out of breath every 5 seconds due to lack of oxygen. I don’t think I have the lungs for it :( But it’s part of my resolution to getting into better shape, so I am hoping this club will kick my butt and get my running skills up to par!

Later that night after the cardio kickboxing, I went over to my friend Adriana’s apartment and had some pasta with her and met her new cat. It’s so adorable! n_n Even though I dislike cats and they make me itchy :| Still cute. After dinner we went back to the Rec Center for a pool party. However, I didn’t enjoy it much. It was pretty boring if you ask me :( Not a lot of people were doing things. It was mostly people just sitting or standing around and talking, in bathing suit attire. That is not a pool party D< So I felt kinda bad dragging Adriana along with me to it, but at least we got to hang out and have fun together there! (: And I got to see a few of my sorority sisters. The one part I did enjoy though, was lounging in the spa for about an hour 8) Ah yeah… felt good.

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Wednesday, January 25

Today was so much fun!! :D I got to help with tabling with my sorority today at the Club Fair, and I was actually able to get some girls interested to sign up! Especially this one girl, she said I made her excited for it and we got along well! Which made my day c:

I ran into a few of my friends at the Club Fair too, which is always weird because I didn’t even know some of them went to UCCS, such as my old friends Bailey and Jackie. So it was nice seeing them!

I also signed up for a few clubs such as the running club and the outdoors club, which will add onto all the clubs I am already in from last semester such as the hiking club, lifting spirits club, restoration club, nutrition club, SEAS club, and the pre-med society! :D As you can tell, I have entered into a lot of clubs that will hep me get into shape as well as participate in the community more! It’s very encouraging to have others there with you who have the same goals as you (:

BUT the one club I am most excited about joining is the Illuminerdy Club!!! :D I just signed up today at the Club Fair and omg, the people in that club are so awesome. I mean, as typical, the guys at the table were very nerdy… but the one girl there was really awesome c: They all wore masks bahaha! And I guess they specialize in all things nerdy, such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, X-Men, Marvel, Video Games, etc. You name it and they have it! :D I was so excited!! Because that’s totally me c: I feel like I have met people who are as much of dorks as I am, which is nice. I have a feeling that all the people in that club will become some of my closest friends (:

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I totally stunk at doing this project right after I started it up ~_~ I’m lame :C

So to summarize these days (even though I hardly remember anything I did during them…):

And umm… yeah. That’s all. I can’t remember what else I did. My life is boring 8)

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The 365 What?

Man, I have SERIOUSLY been lacking on my 365 Project D:

I am so disappointed in myself. I was supposed to get my act together this year and actually put some effort toward doing that. I just fail.

I will try to start it up again and see how it goes, even though now I just skipped like… 20+ days in it. Go me.

It just gets tricky to do sometimes, because I wanted to post a picture to accompany my dialogue for each day, and I always tend to forget to take a picture of something.

One of my friends also gave me a good idea! About making a 365 Video. Which is not where I do a video for everyday… that would be time consuming and no one would probably watch any of them LOL -foreveralone- BUT a 365 Video is where I take a photo of what I did each day (like I am trying to do now… but failing) and you compile it all together into a video. So like, each picture will appear on the video for 1 second, and it will go through all 365 (366 this year!!) photos! So it’s like a super quick way to look back and remember everything you did this year (: Which I think sounds SUPER neat. Because I love looking back and remembering things. And I would love to make a video that helps me achieve that (:

So that’s even more of a reason to motivate me to taking pictures everyday. We shall see how this goes! I hope I can make time for it. Time to get back on track n_n

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New Year Resolutions

Being it’s a new year, I would like to set new goals and expectations for myself. I love the idea that a new year means a fresh start. Letting go of the past and moving toward a better future. And for this year, I really want to focus on working on becoming the person I want to be. That’s what I think life is about: living your life the way you want to; living your life proud of who you are as a person. And I still have so much to work on in order to become the person I aim to be. So for this new year, I have made a lot of goals and resolutions I hope I can follow through with:


To-Do List of 2012:

I think that is all for now, I know I am forgetting some but this is all from memory! So give me a break ;-; I am sure as the year goes on, my To-Do list will grow rapidly. But for now, this is all I have in mind (:

All in all, I hope to make 2012 my most memorable and worthwhile year yet. I really want to start living my life to the fullest, and take every chance I get. I hope to start back up my 365 Project for this blog in order to keep the memories I make this year (:

I hope I am able to commit to all of these things. I know 2012 will be my year and I hope I get the opportunities to make it just that. We shall see what’s in store for me (:

I wish you all a happy New Year and I wish you the best in achieving all of your goals!

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Day 54

Yesterday was so much fun! :D

It was my second day on the job, and this time I didn’t have to go home early because I wasn’t feeling sick. I actually got to stay the whole time and it was so much fun! :D

I wore my awesome Mario hat again. And I got so many compliments on it. I felt loved c: But then again, most of the compliments came from nerdy guys… BUT that’s okay. Because I prefer nerds <3 hahaha!

I was the ice cream scooper this time around. And I loved it :D I was so smiley the whole time, and I had fun interacting with the people. Some people even gave us tips!! My friend Kaitlin said she has never gotten tips before in all the time she’s worked there, but she got them today with me on my first “official” day on the job. I think it was the hat ;) Or I’m just awesome. Which is true too.

Afterward we got some funnel cake to eat before we went back home. The funnel cake they gave us was so huge o_o My gosh. I was only able to eat half of it… I am a failure ;-; But I gave my leftovers to Kaitlin to bring back to for her brothers!

I ended up going to Kaitlin’s last night to spend the night :D Yay Slumber Party!! I haven’t done that in ages hahaha But we were so exhausted, we pretty much watched one movie then passed out. It was still fun though n_n

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Day 51, 52, and 53

EEP! That is a lot of days haha I guess I still stink at updating every night ;( I will get better, I promise :c

So pretty much all that happened was I had my first club meeting at school! :D It was for the Lifting Spirits club, which is pretty much a club dedicated to… well… lifting the spirits of others haha! It’s a really nice club and we already have so much planned out (: We are planning to do quite a bit of fundraisers, a ton of community service projects, and a lot of in-school activities to help get everyone together and help out some more. I am really excited for this club because it feels so good to help out others and help out the community. And everyone in the club is so nice! n_n

And today was my first day at Lifetime Fitness! :D I just became a member earlier this week, and today they did an assessment to figure out my “fit age”. It was terrible ~_~ I got a fit age of 40 >_> But that was pretty much because I failed the flexibility test, since I suck at… being flexible LOL :c It was saddening ;-; Thankfully I am enrolled in Yoga, Pilates, and a bunch of other fun stuff so that should help :D

I only got to play around for about an hour after my fitness test, but me and Amanda had so much fun in the lap pool!! n_n We kept doing funny things while swimming back and forth, like piggy back rides and other… weird stuff hahaha The lap pool was 4 feet deep, and there wasn’t a ladder to climb out, so we had to hop up 4 feet and climb out. I couldn’t do it :c Amanda had to help me up ;-; There were these 3 guys swimming in the lane next to us, and they kept watching us hahaha! I think they were checking us out ;) They kept doing silly stuff to get our attention, and even tried talking to us. So cute c: But we left them to go to the spa. After that we went into the steam room. Omg. That was my first steam room experience. It is sooo nice ;-; I want to sit in it all day. It is so good for clearing up your sinuses, and it’s really good for your skin. I felt so amazing afterward :D My skin was so soft n_n

I just love being at the gym so much. I wish I could live there c:

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